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TDC 3 07-08 NOV 15

While still relishing one amazing ride “Bliss in the Hills”, the keeda of The Deccan Cliffhanger (TDC) 3rd edition started troubling me. I knew that TDC 3 is one hell of a race, where in I have to give 100%, I was not very sure about my participation. But as the possibilities of buying a new bike were looking brighter, the desire to participate grew gradually. Then in the 3rd week of Oct, I gifted myself with a brand new BURASL Neilpryde bike and then in the 4 the week went ahead with registration and crew finalization.
Crew Hunt: Being in need of crew approached Nasik Cyclists group for support, was not lucky to find a prompt response, then went on with own JUGAAD. I sought help from my previous crew in Pune, but found that Arham is riding and the crew whom I had in my mind was crewing for him. That is a great news to know as far as Arham is racing, then sought help from him and he gave three contacts out of whom Dhruv was chosen. Niranjan was the other crew member from Pune whom I met him this year in Pune and found him to be capable of crewing. I was able to manage two of my buddies from my workplace and trained them on bike mechanics, navigation and nutrition.
Now I have a new bike, dedicated crew and a rider to perform. Came up with a strategy for the race, discussed with Dhruv many a times and also made an hourly nutrition plan, ordered “ON THE RUN” bars, even spoke to Mrs Shilpa. Level of preparedness was getting better as the race days were nearing. Bura SL was the primary bike and Giant TCR 3 the secondary bike.
Trained 600 km before the race on the new bike. I knew it’s a tough race for me and the level of preparation was not sufficient in all sphere was not sufficient especially training and nutrition. The whole race was discussed in totality on Whatsapp Group (Team Srini) as we as a team have never been able to meet in person. I shared all that was in my mind about the race. I firmly believed that support crew should be well educated and thereby well prepared for any eventuality
05 Nov 2015, Bikes and car were set for the race inspection. Dedicated crew with full Josh left to Pune via Mumbai. It took 5 hours to reach Deccan Gymkhana, Pune. Met Niranjan and Dhruv for the first time, also met Divya and Fred, Race Across America, Race director, kind of super excited. I discussed the strategies, the crew was assigned respective roles. We had an awesome dinner at Good luck hotel.
06 Nov 2015, Early morning shopping in a super market specifically for the race day and then reached Baner had chicken at venky’s store, reached CafĂ© nook, were done with the pre-race registration formalities in one go, race officials surprised looking at our participation, all credit to Sukhdev who had worked out our logistics so well in advance.

After a disturbed sleep the previous night, it was time to wake up by, 0245 hours then we all set up the car and ready to move by 0340 hours. Awesome energy all around at the start, amazing riders and the crew, lot of zeal and positivity.
The start was decent, but getting out of the suburbs was a challenge in itself, lost contact with crew early before the Katraj tunnel and was in need of water, Sumit was riding along and sensed the need and did offer a bottle of water, thanks a lot sumit, it was nice being there. Then I came to know that my crew had problems with the support car.
The next uphill was Khambatki was infested with heavy traffic managed to do so, completely separated from the crew till the toll booth and then another separation phase there and could meet them at Wani.
Pushed hard with Panchagani and Mahabaleswar climb with a decent descent except for one turn wherein I misjudged on curve completely and was head on with the Swift desire from the opposite direction, moved to the extreme right end of the road. At CP1 I was strong and fast with an overall standing at second, a few min behind the race leader.
Reaching Satara was a never ending affair, completely rolling after few min of descent from Medha ghat, was feeling a bit tired, this is the stage where I overhydrated with salts. Reached Satara decided to have a proper meal, sat down somewhere along the highway, could not eat the solid food, drank buttermilk did see a couple of riders passing by. After some stretching got back on the saddle, 40 min into the ride felt really nauseating and then multiple bouts of vomiting, stopped riding, while I am going through this agony witnessed another disaster, Officials car being hit by a state transport bus and could see the car fly past the road into the ditch, fortunately all safe. Amazing work done by Niranjan, my crew member, he rescued a couple of them. In the meantime Dhruv was pushing me to get on the bike and start riding. I started again but was not feeling nice, felt pukish all the time and did avoid any thing orally. In no time I was surpassed by many solo riders from behind. Finally after few minutes mind started to play games, DON’T RIDE , ABANDON, was the mind telling me , GET BACK HOME, ITS OK TO GO HOME NOT A BIG DEAL, these were resonating everywhere in my body, finally I yielded and stopped, told my crew that I am not going to ride and want to abandon the race, crew shell shocked.
Then was the most awesome role which the crew played, my crew did everything which a mom does to her baby, fed me, cleaned me changed my clothes gave a massage, put me to sleep. I am really not exaggerating, they said you just ride, we are with you.
It took me an hour to tell my monkey mind that I am riding, if not for myself for my crew. Back on the saddle, my crew made FRESH tomato juice, apple juice and orange juice, can you beat that? I don’t know how they managed to do so. My mind was playing tricks, there were many unwanted stops but I was battling my mind all times, stopped yielding to it. Reached Kolhapur at the 13 th Hour, was doing fairly well, pushed myself met Rahul another solo rider(RQ 008), felt nice riding with him and with his crew, so decided to stick around with them. What an amazing rider Rahul is and his crew. Rahul you are an awesome guy, rode so brilliantly within your limits and you made the race look like a bliss. I learnt a lot from you, THANK YOU
Reached kittur by 0200h, and was sleepy halfway to Belgaum was expecting two successive hills on way back to Belgaum but in fact there was one hill then could see mini vidhan soudha really excited.
Infinity studios, Firefox, Belgaum was the next CP. Oh what an amazing bunch of people at that place, so much love for the sport, you people actually made each one of us really special and boosted our morale to a great extent.
Then comes the mystique Chorla via Jamboli, it’s a hill where you actually don’t get the summit but you go round and round till you hit a downhill. My previous experience saved me, as I was expecting the same, finally finished the downhill. At the base, one final advice to my crew to be very vigilant with the navigation and told them the real fight begins now. My crew did their part well till last CP and then the GODS OF NAVIGATION had planned something different for the team. We lost our way and by the time we could take realize and take corrective actions, we lost an hour. Frustrated but controlled my emotions, had a complete faith in my crew and dealt it accordingly.
Pushed hard to be in the safe zone and finally we did it within 30 hours 35 min. My CREW more than satisfied with the efforts, felt relieved. I dedicate this ride to my CREW.
Oh not to forget, 08 Nov was my birthday, was racing on my birthday, what better can I ask from ZINDAGI


1.        Niranjan, Sukhdev, Dhana and special mention about Dhruv, what an amazing talent he is, he is a CHAMP and all thanks to Rupali

2.       Mrs Niranjan

3.      AIPT






9.      MY CAR




13.   FINALLY, MICHAEL, I am inspired by you, you are my role model, you are special

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It all started with that one phone call on that busy day in Sep 2015 from Deepak from Bangalore, What a Surprise call,  Deepak asking me "Do you want to Ride Bliss in the Hills?". Looking at my schedule, i instantly said yes, even though i was grossly lacking in my training and all those pre requisites for this mega ride. Intuitively i was feeling let me do it, let me ride and since then no looking back. I applied for a weeks leave and then planned my move to Bangalore, did request Deepak to host me at his place for a couple of days. Deepak, Man with a big heart was always cheerful and positive. We share fond memories of riding yercaud together in 400 brevet in 2013. On 29 Sep I reached Bangalore and was on my way towards whitefield where my Nano car started behaving wonky, tried to manage to pull as near as i can to Deepaks place but it gave up 500m short of the destination, then had to call Deepak for help, where in he managed to push the car all the way up to his house, couldn't figure out the actual problem with the car, we decided we first grab our lunch and then sort things out.

Meeting Deepak was a great relief, the moment i met him i felt relaxed and BLISSFUL, (the Bliss begins), was super excited and we started to chart out a very wishful strategy, we were thinking in lines of finishing it in 79 hours or so, totally aggressive, didn't even know what's installed for us, but that's how we both are. After two hours of thorough analysis we were mentally prepared and felt like let the ride begin right now, etching to move. Then we got the Nano to the garage and found that the clutch plate is worn out and needs replacement and hence the car needs to be left there for a day or two, again Deepak sorted out this issue in a subtle manner.  Deepak apartment friends (Nilesh and Mukul) were also super excited about our ride and were very concerned about the whole venture. We had awesome chicken and mutton biryani and ice cream and did end the day peacefully. En route we also met tusker and anantha. Happy to meet them after quite some time.

30 Sep 2015, 7 am Back in action again, again we analysed the route, discussed the fluid requirement and the shopping that we need to do and then we set the bike. By 9 am we both had our breakfast and took the bike for a spin and to shop some stuff. By 1030 am we were back and cooked our lunch. By 1230 we were all set, last minute checks, fast grab on lunch and then ready to move, felt very strange that hour, but went on with the routine. We had to pedal around 20 km to the starting point. Hot sunny and polluted was the weather but happy to meet Ashok (Blissful) him on his bike at Marathalli, he was on his way to the start line to see off the participants. After a brief chat he disappeared into the skies and could only trace him at the start line.

At the start line everything is good all happy faces, smiles one happy kingdom, great to see the organizers (Parag in particular), then comes Gana, Opendro and finally Chidhu. Chidhu the ever messy  Mr Bean had a major problems with his bike was suggesting the desi tarika but did not work out. A 20 min delayed start which means all our strategy needs 20 min correction. We both( Me and Deepak) reminded each other the cut off time for Hassan and Belur. Cycling that crazy bangalore traffic is demoralizing, finally the exit from the city and then it was all blaze the next 100 km, we did this 100 km stretch in 3 hours 20 min. Felt good after which he had o take a fast grab, had icecream, and eggs and dhal rice, and in the next 5 hours we were in Hassan. An unwarranted blunder here was awaiting, we didnt pick the right right turn to belur road and went wayward for 12 km towards managalore, we realized it then had to pedal back to belur. We made it to Belur by 0130 am  and were pretty satisfied. 

Belur to Madikeri
A rolling terrain with depleting energy stores we were starving by 0400h and stopped for a small grab there, met Gyanendra and mohanty, we did pull on together till 0700h with three flats one each except Gyanendra. Mohanty was left behind and then we reached a crucial junction, a serious confusion as to which route to be taken, this led to serious loss of time till 0830 and then we were some how in the right path, we three had breakfast and decided to navigate by google maps from there to somwarpet and then to madikeri. The second costliest blunder, that route was a nightmare, 20 km climb on a road suited for mountain bikes only with gradients of 14 - 15%. It did drain the hell out of me and Deepak, Gyani was out of sight as he had blazed past through that section. Finally  with great difficulty made it to somwarpet. We did get in contact with Opendro, Gana, Putta, Sylvestre and Mohan. At that moment i was shattered to see that i am unable to pedal even 8-10km /hr, started doubting will i be able to pedal the entire stretch, i was a broke by then, i dragged myself behind sylvestre and Mohan at a steady pace chatting about his PBP experience, what a personality sylvestre is, truly amazing always cheerful and relaxed, (BLISS AGAIN), dragged till Madikeri and had decided to give up the ride and get back to Bnagalore from the madikeri bus stand. I went all the way to next control and then i got a call from Deepak, he told me to get back to hotel for lunch, but i had already given up, again dragged myself to the hotel, met opendro and told him that i want to give up, he pepped me up and said "have your biryani, and you have made it in good time, don't give up".

Madikeri to Iritty and Then Periya and Finally Kalpetta
 i agreed to have my biryani and moved on with Deepak, again was feeling very weak and exhausted, then decided to do a trick, let me adjust my saddle height and pop two tablets of combiflam. Oh Man that worked, in the next 60 seconds, i am back and riding strong, deepak is shocked  to see me so strong and then we made it to Iritty in pretty good time met Gyani there had a quick grab and then we three decided to climb Periya together. Gyani wow what a being is he, super strong and super fun. Thoroughly enjoyed his company, we all three were riding easy till the top of Periya. At Hotel Highland we had Rice and dhal and there we met Guatam, Venky and others. Open, Gana and Putta joined us and venky and Gautam left. we then decided to ride strong.  this time its all downhill and w e were picking line slike anything, we descended on those bad stretch like hell and then we find that we need to push harder . Deepak was falling behind, so i decided to put deepak in the middle between Gyani and myself and Gyani would set the pace. We pushed harder and harder and you would not believe we rode 38 km in 1h 10 min. Finally we were in Kalpetta  control, felt accomplished , so nice to see organisers felt homely and never thought about whats intsalled in the future. Thanks Organisers, i felt i have finished the brevet at Kalpetta and now another new brevet starts tomorrow morning from Kalpetta. Very excited to see chidhu there and the rest trickling thereafter. Went to bed at 0200 am and set the alarm from 0400 am. Woke up by that time, then woke Deepak and Gyani. But some how the time flew past us and we started at 0540 am. 

Kalpetta to Avinashi
A chatty ride with chidhu till his deraileur broke , spent around an hour fixing his bike , then came gyani, open and gana. Rode all the way to Gudalur with Open,an amazing being in that picturesque route. Deepak had issues with his knee had to take a pain killer again and then we hit Gudalur. Gana and Open had a quick grab and made a move to Ooty and then we left with chidhu. Again chidhu had issued with his bike , Deepak helped it to keep rolling and then chidhu left. Me and Deepak were climbing at a snail pace to Ooty and then we saw Venky cruising free on the mountain at an amazing cadence. We pushed each other till Ooty. I did not like the ride around ooty till doddabettta, as it was only vehicles and vehicles all around, Felt when will this horrible route finish and was pestering Deepak about the same. We did the maths after Kotagiri downhill to the next control at Avinashi, we were no where near to it almost 2 hours short, but Deepak told me that we are getting 2 hours more for the Avinashi control as decided by the Brevet manager at Kalpetta. We were banking on that life line, then there was another problem my headlights not working but decided to go along with Deepak ahead. After a few km of downhill ,i could not keep trak of Deepak and eventually lost Depak out of sight and now it was completely dark. Tried to ride behind a four wheeler but was being blinded by the head on traffic and that recovery was impossible so stopped the ride, panic started to gripping in tried stopping few vehicles none stopped and then one motorcycle  guy stopped, explained him my problem and sought his help so that he rides along with me, he stayed ahead me behind him, after 5 km i met deepak on the way, was anxiously waiting for me, was very worried about my whereabouts and finally we started to again descend with Deepak always behind me.From Metupalyam onwards we rode so hard that we were reaching Avinashi before 10 pm. 15km short of Avinashi, Gautam was shouting for the Avinashi control time, we did not stop but we told him to get on the bike and ride along, which he did, after reaching the control at 1015pm we explained Gautam about the extended time or the waiver that we get for Avinashi control. 

Avinashi to Yercaud
Now we had Chidhu, Venky , Gautam, Deepak and Myself riding to Salem. Me and Deepak zoomed off in the first hour with great pace lining and then comes chidhu. Again it turned out to be a chatty ride, all three kept ourselves awake by singing songs and chidhu was singing advertisements and all three were in euphoric mood. After sometime chidhu was left behind and then venky came along with us. We three decided to work hard and work together, what a ride that was, we vroomed to salem early in the morning at 0600 we were all set to start the climb. Again we three worked well as a team to pull each other, hats off to venky, even with extreme neck pain he climbed like a warrior and we followed him, we made it in 1 hr 20 min and we three were on top of the world then, what an awesome sense of accomplishment, we lived the moment to the max and hugged each other and a great sense of camaraderie, (BLISS AGAIN),Later followed chidhu, open and gana and the last minute bollywood style entry by Gautam, ONE HAPPY BUNCH AT YERCAUD, 

Yercaud to Yellagiri
Descended as a whole bunch, then open and gana pushed off, venky had serious issues with neck, gave him some massage and a pain killer and then we four thats deepak, venky, Gautam and Myself strectched our way to koppanur descent and extreme ascents and treated ourselves with bettle leaves and then made our way down. Had awesome buttermilk home made, slept for 40 min till 1pm and then started our journey to yelagiri. Hot weather bad roads were making life difficult, again we four worked together and made it to tirupattur, from there onwards we were not sure about how far is the yelagiri base, speculating different distances to yelagiri base and finally on the right path to yelagiri. At Yelagiri base saw Gyani already finished the climb and we were ripping the climb. We  four worked really hard, each one pulling one another and not allowing anyone to fall out of the group, reached well within time and treated ourselves with Chicken fry. Then came Chidhu who had a quick grab and started descending together. 

Yellagiri to Bangalore
At the base Gyani was waiting for all of us, but venky was all sleepy and chidhu decided to stay with him, hats off to chidhu, even though he wasnt sleepy he gave company to him and the rest slept at vaniyambadi highway. It was 1am and the last leg had already begun and we had less than 8 hours to do it. All focused on the task started the journey, me and gyani stayed toghether and deepak and Gautam were behind us. We all ripped the initial 50 km and then we rode at a gentle pace. Me and gyani were singing, chatting, sharing jokes, kept ourselves entertained and then Deepak and Gauatam joined us and finally chidhu and Venky at Krishnagiri at 0330 am. By 4 am we were back on track towards bangalore, we were feeling we are almost there but that stretch from krsihnagiri was a decider felt like being in T20 match wher you need 36 runs out of 18 balls, every minute was precious but me , gyani and chidhu again in that song mode pulled each other till shoolagiri. I just stopped to check my air pressure some where in between 50 km short of bangalore , gyani and chidhu were out of sight. Now i was riding all alone was riding at a slow pace hoping to catch up with Deepak and Gautam that did not happen, just kept on pedaling and as the Sun was back on a Sunday i stopped thinking, let me just ride and stop thinking was the mode. Reaching bangalore was so difficult and painful, those rolling terrain stretches from Krishnagiri to Electronic city fly over kills you, was frustrated every time i see a uphill before a downhill and to make life miserable were with the head winds. All said and done some day the misery should end and then comes the E city fly over, relieved but was worried about Deepak, Gautam and Venky. I was feeling very guilty, many a times thought of waiting at the Flyover but convinced myself telling that they are three of them they would definitely pull along each other. Reached the finish point, mixed feelings and not so happy because my buddy Deepak not in picture, controlled my emotions to a great extent, at one stage i was eager to get back on the bike to get Deepak along. Each one of them i met asks about Deepak it was deeply hurting me. Fingers crossed then i see venky at the finish line followed by Gautam, was very relieved and was very sure that Deepak would make it. Then comes my boy Deepak, i was relieved he was very emotional tried my best to keep his nerves under control. Very much relieved thereafter.

Guys this was one hard fought battle, worked hard with such amazing bonding with Deepak, Venky, Gautam , Gyani and Chidhu and of course the rest. I feel accomplished not by the 1200km milestone but by that camaraderie, working as a group and really being there for one another at extremes of everything. With this group wouldn't mind going another loop. 

Happy for all you strong men and woman there, you people have nerves of steel and big hearts, 

Thanks each one of you out there who were involved in this amazing Journey.

Thursday, 15 January 2015



Race across america has always inspired me to attempt and finish it successfully since 2009 and now i am feeling i'm getting closer towards achieving it. In the last week of October i saw a post in Face book from Divya tate regarding the RAAM qualifying race being held in Pune on 29 Nov 14. At that moment, i was in lucknow, i was excited even though i was busy with my course and moreover i didnt know how to manage a bike as i had left my bike at srinagar. I spoke to my course mate Nilesh who was ready to be a part of my support team. In the last week of October 2014, i reached Pune and was planning to take part in this race. The registrations for the event was scheduled for the last week of Novemeber. I planned to take my Nano in Bangalore as the support vehicle but not sure about the bike and my support crew.

I used to run, do some core strengthening exercises as a part of my training but could not pedal as i still couldnt figure out a road bike. On 07 Nov 14, i spoke to Vishnu who was ready to lend his road bike and he advised to collect his bike from his house in Bangalore. I took a day’s leave and reached Bangalore, met my family, picked my nano and then planned to meet sumit and then meet vishnu. Sumit then was willing to share his bike and the accessories which i loaded in my nano and was on my way back to Pune. I know i had to cycle the same road till Belgaum from Pune for the race. It appeared to be a rolling terrain and was more on the uphill side and then decided that i have to ride this route at least once till belgaum. After reaching Pune, i started training by riding to Singhad fort, Lavassa early in the morning at 4am. Simultaneously, i was forming my support team, i learnt that we need a minimum of two crew members who also know to drive and also have a valid driving licence.
Then there was another shocker, two mandatory exams were scheduled on 29th Nov 14 which was supposed to be the race day. So at this stage things looked bleak but still want to try, i approached my instructor requested him to postpone the test for another day which was a rare possibility but was lucky enough to get the permission. As i was new to Pune, did not have many friends here, so had to call friends in Bangalore for support crew, but unfortunately could not find any. Nilesh gave me some contacts of cymour group as they had organised a group ride to Lonavala. I knew it is going to be a slow ride and will not help me in training but still went ahead with the intention of knowing people.
I met Arham and Aniket and shared my plan to ride the RAAM qualifier race, Arham was spontaneous to offer help as a crew member but Aniket was not completely sure.  I was excited so see the enthusiasm of the Pune cycling community in this group ride, felt very good meeting the riders. 
After few days Aniket surprisingly confirmed the support for the race, a week before the ride. Arham in the meantime had found more support and there by Sid and Utsav were all in the team. On the day when the team briefing was scheduled at Life cycles we finalised the team and chalked out an amazing plan. Again hats off to my crew members who were all spirited and go getters. Since that Sunday 23 Nov 14, we decided to meet every evening at Cymour shop for the next 5 days. We decided that Aniket would be the team director, Sid will take care of Food and drinks, Utsav will primarily drive and Arham was the race marshaller. Aniket was offering me the new Merida road bike for the race and other accessories.  I was not very confident about my training part but looking at the zeal of my team, i was all set to give my 100%, they believed in me more than me in myself. On the day before the race we set our support car, the black innova with the hooters and music system and then the race registration at Cafe Nook.We stayed at Anikets place that evening before the race. We were all set by 0330 am on 29 Nov 14, Anikets parents were also excited about the race. 

We reached the race start point, excited to see so many riders with their support crew and the media, festive environment. We named our team as CYMOUR SPIRITS and were all set to rock. We started at number six  at 0530 am and then rode strong and in the next couple of hours we were  in the second position behind Apurv. At the descent of Mahabaleshwar we overtook him and was in the first position for a long time till 2 pm in the afternoon. At that point i was feeling a bit exhausted, kolhapur was 120 km and then i see Chaitanya, Apurv, Karthikeyan and Sumit blazing past. Kept my cool but my team mates found the problem, that i was not feeding well so, Aniket worked out a solution. He said you take a small 10 min break every hour for the next four hours from 06 pm and eat whatever we give you. I agreed and started following the team instructions, we reached kolhapur, Nippani, Nippani ghat and on our way to Belgaum. After crossing Belgaum at 01 am, we were all set to reach kittur in the best possible time. That stretch even though is 50 km long was seeming to be very far. At 0330 am we reached kittur, I did not want to sleep but my team forced me to sleep for 15 min. Again back on the saddle by 4am, i did my maths at this stage and assessed that if i have to make it to Goa by 1 pm on 30 Nov 14, i really need to go all out all the way. I decided to do that, rode hard reached Belgaum by 0600h and from there onwards no stops at all. Chorla ghat is a tricky hill as there is no summit and you keep going round  round and round the hill. Then Aniket told me about this and was a bit peaceful. As we approached the last check point we were all excited that we can make it easily by 1 pm and at that moment Aniket recieved a call from Divya who appraised us about the cut off time, the cut off time was 0115 pm and we were dot two hours short of it. At that moment many things were running in my mind, but was telling myself that i can do it. The last 40 km stretch is a difficult rolling route and i was told that Chaitanya and Apurv have taken two and half hours to complete this stretch. I did not want to give up and rode at 40 km average pace, i knew i was there but still want to push hard. My team was all there with me and that was very inspiring. We were 20 km short of Bogmola beach we encountered a traffic jam of 800 m length, Aniket shouted to carry on and  to take a Left turn at the intersection and then i continued as advised, after a few minutes i saw my support car and the team back in action, was relieved as i expected the traffic jam to eat more time. Finally we were 12 km short and we had 1hr 15min more. At that stage there was one uphill which was a killer and i was strong and fast even on that stretch, again all credit to my team mates who were all motivating. The last 10 km in one hour was the stats and the rolling terrain continues, was looking out for Dominos all around the road and then we find the The Deccan Cliifhanger Banners on the left hand side of the road. We made it well in time and had 45 min to spare. Felt very relieved and was ecstatic about the teams efforts. We finished third in the race and that made the team happy, I was happy for my team mates and firmly believe that this was possible only by their efforts. I am proud to be part of the Cymour Spirits team.

After effects
Extreme dehydration, could not even walk but had a pint of beer with my team mates and Divya and Farhad at the Bogmola beach.


Heartfelt thanks to:
1   Arham shaikh
2   Aniket and his parents and the Cymour group
3.     Utsav
4.     Sid and his parents
5.     Divya Tate
6.     Jacob Mathews
7.     AFMC
8.     Nilesh and Mrs Nilesh
9.     MOJCC 179
10. Prasun and Manasi
11. Pune Cycling community
12. Yogesh Shinde, Sumit Dwivedi, Vishnu, My Tata Nano and My Wife and kid